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Twisted Frame is an award winning video production company in Toronto that connects customers with your products, services and brand. We believe innovation occurs when creativity is designed to address your consumers’ needs. Through our years of working on diverse brands and genres, we’ve been key makers in crafting original, coherent and value-driven video production services. At Twisted Frame, we strive to create and market truly valuable business stories with a combination of – creatively driven talent, live-shot and animated storytelling styles and access to the latest technology.We twist and tailor frames to craft the best video approach for your business objective. Ready to tap the power of corporate video to take your story and capabilities out to investors and customers

Rigging: Bringing Life to Characters in Animation

Welcome to our rigging services page, where we dive into the fascinating world of character rigging in animation. Rigging is a crucial step in the animation pipeline that breathes life into static 3D models, allowing them to move, emote, and interact with their virtual surroundings 

Rendering: Bringing Your Animation to Life

Welcome to our rendering services page, where we explore the critical step of rendering in the animation production process. Rendering is the final stage that transforms the raw 3D data into the visually stunning and captivating images or sequences that bring your animation project to life

The Animation Making Process: From Concept
to Final Product

Conceptualization: This is where ideas and concepts are developed, laying the foundation for the animation. Storyboards and concept art are created to visualize the narrative and characters

Story boarding

Storyboarding Services Welcome to Arokam, where we bring stories to life through the art of storyboarding. As one of the fundamental steps in the animation-making process, storyboarding plays a crucial role in visualizing narratives, defining shots, and setting the overall tone of the final animation.





TWISTED FRAME is an award winning creative media agency specializing in digital video production for the healthcare industry. Focused on our clients’ objectives, we transform strategic imperatives into professional visual narratives that engage, influence and change behaviors




MEDIA Services

It’s loud out there for a brand. Be the one that gets the message further, faster with the power of media production services in Toronto.
I’ve hired Onur at Twisted Frame on a number of projects for Healthcare Companies wanting to produce professional looking product videos and testimonial types of content. Each time, I’ve been blown away by the quality of the work we received. Onur offers a completely turn-key service and literally takes care of every detail of the shoot; what’s more, he has a magical ability to put the person being filmed at ease resulting in less ‘takes’ and a more polished outcome. You really won’t be disappointed working with Onur and his team, I highly recommend him! Lisa Borg Marketing & Branding Specialist
Have been working with Onur and his team for 6 years. They are my go-to for anything motion graphic or animation related because quite simply they consistently produce excellent work that exceeds client expectations and as importantly, they understand how to work within my budgets. In addition, they know how to communicate and work collaboratively. They understand deadlines. They understand the need to make the best possible product that meets all the client’s objectives. For all these reasons, they will continue to be my go-to. And I should add, we also manage to have a few laughs while working under pressure.
We have worked with Onur and his team over the past several years, and have brought him into several of our clients. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Onur worked seamlessly with us to ensure that our clients were well served. Onur and his team were professional, and interacted with our clients as members of our team. We were also impressed with Twisted Frame’s dedication to our projects. They did things quickly and with a high degree of quality. Would not hesitate to work with Onur again, or bring him into any of our clients. Sharad Verma President, Bright Blue Wave

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